Disturbia Ingrávida (2012)




Juan Diego Capurro - Procesos, teclados, voz
Alfonso Vargas - Batería
Javier Manrique - Guitarra eléctrica

Disturbia Ingrávida (2012) - LIQUIDARLO CELULOIDE
Electronic madness they've accelerated more and more ... "Disturbia Ingrávida" can be called as Astronaughts, methinks.

LIQUIDARLO CELULOIDE's album "Disturbia Ingrávida" released in 2012 via Buh Records can sound like a fine strategy to control a balance between sharp-edged sound cleancut and fuzzy noise warmness. From the beginning of "En El Lenguaje De Las Tormentas", mysterious, magical fluffy particles fly up and down here and there, based upon a dark critical region created by bass synthesizers. This instability is important for their soundworld featuring Krautrock-flavoured ambient monotonicity. This complicated electronic cynicism replaces the second track "Altar A La Tecnología Intuitiva" as a real challenging Krautrock. Not only simple madness nor grinding hard experiments but also well-calculated, well-matured dark psychedelic ambiance they have shot. Can be said as another beauty I guess?

Although we can sometimes hear noisy communication or freaky production featuring tape effects with conversus, but their real intention might be that how serious they could launch their keen / metallic champs created with randomized drumming / percussive shots or dark, improvised synthesizer-based sound mixtures. We can find their strong inspiration especially in the fifth "Fruto Del Bien Árbol Del Mal". Nothing can be heard except deeply infernal rotten dry-fruits by their own atmosphere, so amazing indeed. On the contrary, the following "Vida Nocturna De Un Pueblo Fantasma" is a blended whisky with matured ester flavour and aggressive highly alcoholic new pot. The last "Fosforescencias Más Allá De La Luz" is their collective soul itself, including lots of noisy / freak-out / explosive material via their soundscape.

Regretfully, we can find little united authority via their creation because they have stuffed / squeezed an enormous elements of electronics, so that somebody feels their stuff be loose, but who cares. This is their originality, Astronaughts (look at the crazy sleeve and you can understand definitely!).

Keishiro Maki
My short review


released December 16, 2013



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